Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat is Get it Together Membership?

    A gathering place where small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals can grow their businesses and careers faster with fewer mistakes and a lot more fun along the way.  Chapter members benefit by creating their own personal board of advisors from the entire groups collective thought and experiences and ask for their help to solve business challenges and create growth ideas.

  • q-iconHow does a Get it Together Chapter differ from other networking groups?

    Get it Together is the world’s first mastermind program helping its members achieve six powerful outcomes: • Earn twice as much with half the stress • Accelerated results • Develop high trust leadership skills • Doing Less and Achieving More • Guaranteed results with forced application • Creating a better life

  • q-iconHow often do Get it Together Chapters meet?

    Get it Together Chapters meet once or twice per month with other planned social activities a couple of evenings during each month. They meet live or on-line.

  • q-iconWho are the Founders of Get it Together?

    Allen Bonk and Tom Matzen.  Allen serves as CEO and spent 13 years with Fortune 250 companies Motorola and General Electric.  Allen invested hundreds of rounds of doing business on the golf course as a result closed more than $35.2 million in business. Tom Matzen  is a life long serial entrepreneur and business coach helping more than 200 businesses with massive growth, launch new ventures and create strategic alliances.

  • q-iconWhat is a Get it Together Chapter Chapter Leader?

    A champion who recruits sales professionals and business owners, helping those selected businesspeople create more prosperity, energy and joy along with more personal liberty and provides a real, measurable platform for success. Inspires the real world experience of the collective mastermind group, where results rule and resources can’t be wasted on theory, he assists entrepreneurs and small business owners to value the importance of being able to spend more time “in” their business rather that “at” it. Organizes two monthly meetings instructing, holding accountable and motivating Chapter Members how to: • Move to the top of their niche where each member separates from their competition • Enjoy more free time • Incorporate the power and fun of business golf and justify its return on investment. • Value time with children, grandchildren and family • Experience less strain, stress, worry and aggravation • How eight hours of business golf mastermind chapter meetings monthly can be any business owners and sales professional most leverage time each month.

  • q-iconWhat Ways Can I Profit From Being A Get it Together Chapter Leader?

    There are three ways a Chapter Leader can earn compensation: 1.  Get paid to lead the Chapter. Qualify, interview and be hired as a host facilitator and earn an hourly rate. 2.  Partner with us. Join our team and utilize our tools to find entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals who need to grow their business much faster, with fewer mistakes, and have more fun along the way and ultimately who want to earn twice as much with half the stress. 3. Own your own territory.  

  • q-iconWhat Ways Does A Chapter Leader Earn Money?

    There are three ways a chapter Leader earns money: 1.  Membership dues. Each chapter has up to 40 dues paying members.  A Chapter Leader earns a percentage of those dues month after month, or if they purchase a license, earn 100% of dues collected. 2.  Done For You Consulting. Done for You Consulting allows the Chapter Leader to earn significant income by selling your Members consulting services that do all the work for them. Each of these strategies help them dramatically take their business to the next level. Ask us for details. 3.  Strategic Alliance promotion. Chapter Leaders earns a specified percentage of each strategic alliance created by Chapter Members.

  • q-iconHow Do We Guarantee Results for Chapter Member of Get it Together?

    Every aspect of a Chapter agenda ensures you gain the maximum benefit for you and your business while simultaneously gaining insight for the benefit of your fellow Members.  The following systems are built in to each Chapter: 1.  A Success Partner to inspire and encourage you. 2.  Our Chapter Leaders are committed individuals who care about your success. 3.  Our very own set of “cool” Rules of the Game ensure everyone plays the game with the highest integrity and intention. 4.  Sharing your wins with other Get It Together Members system wide. Imagine the momentum and sense of accomplishment you’ll have when something YOU shared is used by others to help them achieve their goals. 5.  Masterminding achieves several things for you, imagine the collective brain-trust that resides in thirty five members.  It exponentially accelerates your time to results.  It gives you the opportunity to go way beyond “Goal Setting” to Goal Getting! 6.  High Trust Leadership and Trust relationships delivered through powerful team building activities. Two of our more popular activities are getting out on the golf course and learning the fundamentals of Business Golf or playing something called the Cash Flow Game.