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Learn the exact same method that Tony Robbins & Chet Holmes used to find Superstars for their organizations!

Revenue is the lifeblood of business. Without sales, there is no business.
Therefore, selecting the best people is crucial and in many cases
the “x factor” that makes a company successful in its niche.
Ordinary sales people just don't have what it takes to create exponential growth.

What you need is a 'Sales Superstar!'

Why? Because their internal desire to succeed is what inspires them to reach way beyond the norm. Real Sales Superstars are Game Changers! But where do you find them and what is the actual Definition of a Sales Superstar?

'Sales Superstars' have that elusive quality of superior selling skills combined with persistence, intelligence, and confidence. You can put them in a bad situation,
and they excel anyway.

A Sales Superstar performs under any conditions and outsells their peers by 200-500%. Even when given poor training, bad tools and old leads, they’ll still come out on top.

The best sales people have that perfect balance of ego and empathy.

Too much ego and they will always try to close but never build a relationship with a prospect. Too much empathy and they will build a warm relationship
with their prospect but never close.

It’s that delicate balance of ego strength and empathy that makes the difference.

You want to find that ideal individual who can build relationships and close sales.
Sales Superstars work well in teams because they easily convince others of their viewpoint and are excellent communicators.

Adding just one true Sales Superstar to your team will raise the bar for the entire team but unless you build a system to guide you and your recruiters through each step of the process however, it’s nearly impossible to find that person, especially without the correct knowlege and strategies.

That is exactly what I'm going to show you in this 90 Minute MasterClass!

You'll learn everything you need to know to find and hire a Sales Superstar including:
- All the details required;
- All the steps you need to take;
- How to find them;
- How to write your own ads;
- How to screen them;
- How to compensate them;
- How to manage them;
- How to qualify them;
- How to keep them;
- How to streamline the process with automation;
- AND, even sample compensation plans.

If you want to make 2017 your best year in business ever,
if you want to grow like never before or
even if you're a start-up wanting to leap forward,
you need to learn the strategies of 'How to Hire a SuperStar!'


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