The Fastest Way to 10X Your Business Explained

Back Nine Board of Advisors Founders,

Tom Matzen and Allen Bonk

Hi and congratulations on taking the first step to learn more about Back Nine Board of Advisors. My name is Tom Matzen, and this is my business partner Allen Bonk.

We're excited you're here for a whole bunch of reasons but mostly because we know you're in for some 'life changing' experiences should you decide to get involved with us.

Whether you decide to join one of our live Chapters, or become a Member of our on-line community and join a Cyber Chapter, we encourage you to invest a few minutes in understanding how we can make such a bold claim.

So first, what gives us the right?

Eight-Pillars-of-10XFrankly, we’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt many times. Between Tom and I we’ve started 47 businesses, some spectacular successes, some middle of the road, and some spectacular failures. I’ve been a high growth executive in two Fortune 250 companies, Motorola and GE. Our last project involved building a franchise company from the ground up, and taking it public on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Tom’s working on his third book, based on that experience, what’s the working title Tom?

“How I Turned 21 million in equity in a public company IPO into 10 million in debt in six easy months!” Yes, quite a journey that was, can’t wait to write the final Chapter.

In fact, in my experience directly helping hundreds of business owners, and now coaching tens of thousands of them, we often learn more from our mistakes than our wins. Would you agree with that? (raise hand)

But there is a better way. We say that “Smart people learn from their mistakes, but Geniuses learn from the mistakes of others!!” And that’s a big part of why Back Nine Board of Advisors is changing the way the game of business in played.

So let us share with you the eight pillars to 10X’ing your business.

  • Pillar #1 - Working on your business, not IN it

We've all heard the phrase "Working on your business, not IN it."  But are we doing it? According to the Steven Covey Foundation, the most successful business leaders invest two thirds of their time working ON their business.

Our experience is that most small business owners rarely do that.

Take business networking meetings... Most go to these meetings with the goal of getting leads. Some go with a goal of serving others, earning leads as the Law of Reciprocity kicks in. We believe that by working on your business you can create something we call Lead Generating Machines. These generate leads for you, whether or not to attend meetings.

How is that possible?

We promise you it is and we'll teach you the strategies to create that for your business if you decide to join Back Nine Board of Advisors.  Working ON your business means thinking differently and employing strategies that are highly effective and efficient and can work with or without you.  Sure it'll take some work on your part but anything worthwhile takes effort.  The difference is you'll have us, and your Chapter Members in your corner to help coach and guide you every step of the way.

  • Pillar #2 - Leveraging Time and Money

Most of us have a 'Time Challenge.'  I know for me it's often difficult to figure out what the # 1 priority for my business really is at any given time.  What I've realized is that my priority should always be focused on building high trust fact we're going to talk about that shortly.

So instead of working on a website, doing inventory or building a PowerPoint presentation, how much better is my time spent than in the pursuit of what matters most.

At Back Nine Board of Advisors, the first thing you do when you join is complete a Personalized Business Needs Analysis. This amazing tool will help you analyze which strategy will get you the most results in the next 90 days. After all, when you’re working IN your business you might as well get the most results for each hour you put in!

In addition our Members generate so many great ideas to help each other grow and prosper, that we’ve created an entire division to help leverage their time and money with Personal Marketing Assistants. Imagine being able to employ high caliber help but, thanks to the internet and some cutting edge management skills, at a fraction of the hourly cost. That’s just one of the perks of Membership.

  • Pillar #3 - Creating versus Consuming

We live in a world that is focused mainly on consuming.  We're voracious at it but what we're missing is the 'giving back part' and that's what 'creating does.'  Creating comes in many forms and at Back Nine Board of Advisors it starts with what we call masterminding or as some call it, 'creative brainstorming.'

This is an incredibly powerful process that will not only benefit you and your business but gives you the opportunity to share ideas with your Chapter Members that can absolutely revolutionize their business and the process.

It's a big part of what you're going to be doing if you decide to join us on this journey.  Your experience and insights can have profound effect on those around you just as their insights can have a profound effect on you.

'Creating' is SO CRITICAL that an associate of ours whose core business is taking companies making $5 to $10 Million in sales annually to $1Billion in sales, will unconditionally REFUSE to work with any company that won't put 'brainstorming' at the top of their priority list weekly.  That's how important it is!

Creating is not only critical because it helps you get you out of your own way and bring a 'fresh perspective' to your business and it's also a LOT OF FUN!!!

Yes 'fun and business' are words that can be used in the same sentence with Back Nine Board of Advisors.

By the way, our Chapters invest more than half of the two mornings a month in Masterminding.

You’ll love it!

  • Pillar #4 - Building High Trust Relationships

There's a myth floating around out there that says: "It's not what you know but who you know."  The truth is, just 'knowing' someone is only a small part of the equation.  You need to have a real relationship with that person, one that's built on trust and mutual benefit.

I know Mohammed Ali!  It's true!  Many years ago I spent New Years Eve with him, sat in his limo, went on his yacht and talked to him at length through out the evening.  But I guarantee you I have zero relationship with him.  He wouldn't know me from Adam if I tried to reach him so what good does that do me? Yes I know him but so what?

Everything we do at Back Nine Board of Advisors helps you foster meaningful relationships with people that can make a difference in your business and in your life.  We're proud of that because we know it's a big piece in the puzzle of getting you 10X results in your business.

In addition to our main twice monthly Chapter Meetings, we have two voluntary events. The first is a Nine & Wine golf outings that focus on applying the principles of Business Golf. The second is a board game that teaches passive and residual income investing strategies, called the Cash Flow Game. We’ll tell you more about this powerful game in a moment, but know this. These two events will allow you to rapidly build high trust relationships.

And high trust relationships can lead to amazing growth opportunities.

  • Pillar #5 - Open the Floodgates

There's one specific marketing strategy that we use that time and time again achieves results that can truly transform your business.  We call it 'Open the Floodgates'.

Before we turn you loose on this one we'll need to ensure your business can handle the flood of opportunities that will come at you. It’s an advanced strategy to be sure, however when you’re ready for it, it’s likely the highest leverage strategy on the planet. Remember that guy we mentioned earlier that grows businesses from 5-10 million to a billion? This is his key strategy to make that happen.

And if you’re currently an early stage business, this approach is the fastest way to shift into high gear and dominate your market.

  • Pillar #6 - Strategic Alliance Summits

Our Strategic Alliance Summits are one of the most important and massively leveraged activities we engage in and we do them four times a year!

We get together, a bunch of us, we don't have workshops, we don't have special speakers...we do DEALS!!

Three days long, we break it up like this:

Each morning we connect you with amazing people who are there to form joint ventures with other business people.

Afternoons are about fun! Playing golf, sightseeing, beach time, going for a swim, whatever your pleasure and it gives you an opportunity to carry on conversations with people you've met and start building high trust relationships with them.

Our objective at these events is to ensure that you come out of there with no less than $100 thousand dollars in new business for you.  Wait till you see it in action!

Oh and by the way, access to these events to anyone who isn't a Member of a Back Nine Chapter starts at $2000!  Back Nine Members pay only $200, Just enough to cover the event hard costs.

Attending just ONE of the Strategic Alliance Summit events a year is alone, worth far more than the annual Membership to Back Nine Board of Advisors, and you’ll be able to attend all four annual events as a Member.

  • Pillar #7 - Building Residual and Passive Income

It took ME, way too long to even understand the meaning of "Passive & Residual" Income.  I vowed that I would shout this out from the rooftops whenever I had the opportunity!

In fact my proudest moment as a father to my now seven year old son, happened when he was three and half years old. We were playing the kids Cash Flow Game, and he had picked up an “opportunity”. This happened to be a real estate investment, and he read the card. It described the cost, down payment and indicated the projected return on investment was zero percent. He smiled, and gently tossed the card in the air, saying “why would anyone buy this daddy!”

Imagine if we all learned that early on how to pick the right investment and how to get in the game and invest. Our goal is to help each of our Members build their passive and residual income so it is greater than their expenses, the first step to financial freedom called Financial Independence.

We do this first by our monthly Cash Flow Game nights, where Members learn how to get in the game. The adult Cash Flow Game is played once a month, to help us all get savvy in the strategies and tactics of passive and residual investing. The game’s creator Robert Kiyosaki, credits this simple but powerful board game for inspiring more passive income than any other single product on earth, and we agree. Plus, you’ll learn which of your Chapter mates you want to do deals with, and which ones you don’t want to. That lesson alone could have saved me millions of dollars had I implemented this earlier in my business career.

In addition, we then encourage Members to build their investment portfolio in positive cash flow real estate investments, equity investments in other businesses and by developing private lending assets. This combination allows anyone that wants to, change their economic lives forever. We’re so committed to this, that we’ve created a real estate investment division so that we can find, evaluate and invest in positive cash flow deals ourselves.

  • Pillar #8 - Givers Gain Mindset

If you haven't read Bob Burg's book called The Go Giver, I encourage you to pick up a copy.  Reading it will reveal what Bob calls the Stratospheric Laws of Success, the philosophy by which Back Nine Board of Advisors is founded.

Not only does 'giving first' make you feel good but, it actually pays dividends in ways far beyond just money.  It will open up a world of opportunities you never dreamed possible.  Remember that Law of Reciprocity we mentioned earlier? Well it really works. If you know that already, you’re probably a great fit for us. If you not familiar, but willing to test and measure, you may also be a great fit.

If, on the other hand, you’re a ‘consumer’ rather than a giver, you’re not going to be a good fit for us, and we wish you well. Although our experience suggests that the ‘consumer’ hasn’t gone this far in the video and has moved on already!

You'll notice that at Back Nine Board of Advisors we give away lots of our programs for free yet we could sell them easily if we wanted to.  We believe that helping others achieve their goals is the best path for us to achieve ours.  It's no accident Bob wrote this book because this really works!

We'll teach you the philosophies and practical methods that will help you feel better about your business AND, will grow your business in the process.

Next Steps

We appreciate you taking some of your valuable time to spend it with us.  Someone on our team will be in touch soon, and of course, we will share other high value gifts with you from time to time if you decide to stay in our community.


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