Learn how to create massive leads pouring in at a pace you’ve never seen.


    Your business can’t help but grow when you get involved in a Get It Together Chapter. Learn amazing, lasting business strategies that work.


    We’ll push you out of the trap of working in your business instead of ON it!


    There is so much more to life than just making money. Get set for some new and fresh experiences and a whole
    lot of fun.


  • You'll Be Surrounded By Like-Minded Individuals

    Sharing a common goal with someone creates all kinds of great energy!  Multiply that by a factor of 10 and you’re starting to approach what the Get It Together ‘Experience’
    is all about.

  • Learn High Trust Relationship Strategies

    Having high trust relationships are essential to attracting a steady stream of ideal clients as well as developing supportive relationships in a Mastermind group environment. As a Member you’ll become an expert at the three best methods we’ve ever seen.

  • Participate In Powerful Group Brainstorming Sessions

    Get unstuck with our group problem solving approaches and get breakthrough ideas and insights from group sharing. Our brainstorming sessions alone have the power to create more wealth than any other activity.

  • You'll Have A Success Partner and Ongoing Mentoring

    We all need to be held to our commitments and inspired to carry them out. Part of our model is ensuring all bases are covered when it comes to your success.


The philosophy of Get It Together is that YOU can own and operate the business of YOUR dreams without the fear of failure. That everyone can build a business that runs efficiently without YOU and leaves a thriving legacy.


  • Workshops and Get-It-Done Events

    Consuming business content instead of getting things done is one of the biggest shortfalls of entrepreneurs today. You’ll have access to working sessions where we guide you step-by-step on how to get things built in your business so you’ll have a strong pathway for growth. Learn more

  • Full Access To Our Business Resource Center

    Full of valuable and practical content to help you get better at what you do and also to save you money.  Get access to 100’s of training videos, podcasts, articles, business tools, and a suite of templates and done-for-you resources that you can use immediately in your business.  All included in your membership.

  • Global Live Events

    You’ll have access to a minimum of three live events each year so you can come together with your mastermind colleagues to learn new business strategies and tactics, do joint venture deals, map out the key components you need to implement to really take your business to the next level, all included in your membership. Learn more about our live events by clicking here.

  • One Stop Marketplace For All Your Business Needs

    Whether you want training that dives deep on a particular topic or you want access to done-with-you and done-for-you services, we have assembled the best experts in the world to offer products and services in our marketplace and you get discounted access and updates on the latest tools, tactics, and approaches to grow your business.

You love it beyond measure or you can keep absolutely everything for free.

Our Better Than Money Back Guarantee

Join Our On-Line Get It Together Mastermind today or one of our live Chapters, and if it’s not the most helpful membership site you’ve ever been a part of in your entire business life, then not only can you leave at any time, but we’ll give you a special training program as our “sorry we let you down” parting gift and complementary access to one of our three live events to help make it up to you.

We know you’ll adore the information and wisdom from this Mastermind process.

That is our better than money back guarantee!

Obviously, it's physically
impossible to lose with this offer.

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“I joined Get It Together because I wanted to grow my business and be around successful business owners for advice, coaching and support.  Since joining in May, I doubled my annual income through August of this year and I still have four more months to go.  And on top of that, it seems I’ve worked less and had more fun." www.linkedin.com/in/victoriatravis1

Victoria Travis
Victoria Travis Travis and Associates

“The biggest impact I took away from last Thursday's meeting, after playing the Cash Flow Game two meetings in a row, is that I *am* capable of applying financial/investment-related concepts and that I can--and should!--dream about how my life will look after I get out of debt. It also really "hit home" to me how challenging it truly is to create enough passive income to cover one's expenses, to be able to "get out of the rat race." That being said, I am definitely up for this challenge, and the group provided me incredible insights and validation during my mastermind group;  I'm excited to begin implementing everyone's suggestions!” www.linkedin.com/in/judyschiller

Judy Schiller
Judy Schiller Simplicity Now
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