Hi Chapter Hosts,

This page will have the key Business Needs Analysis Training Videos for your Members. Please do not give this page out, but rather the link to the page that the Member’s BNA form indicated they want to focus on.

We’re completing more videos each week, this page will update as they are ready.

If you need a video that ISN’T LINKED, it means “coming soon” , please email us and let us know, just in case we didn’t see that person’s form.

Also, each “buddy” should get the link to their “buddy’s video”, so they can better help them out.


Leadership & Vision – The Ultimate Leverage

  1. Do You Have A Clear Focused Plan?
  2. Are Your Regularly Scheduled Meetings Effective?
  3. Do You Have A Clear and Compelling Positioning Statement?
  4. Do You Have a System for Innovation, both new and existing products?

Attraction Marketing – Lead Generation

  1. Do You Know Your ITM’s Wants, Beliefs and Emotions?
  2. Do You Have Local Businesses Sending You Leads?
  3. Are You Generating a Stream of Prospects with YouTube/LinkedIn/Facebook?
  4. Do You Have an Effective Media Relations Program in Place to Generate Free Leads?

Attraction Selling – Lead Conversion

  1. Do You Have A Compelling Risk Reversal In Place (Guarantee)
  2. Do You Use Lunch & Learns (live and on-line) as Paid Lead Generators?
  3. Do You Have an Effective Personal Marketing Assistant?
  4. Do You Have an Effective System To Track ROI in Marketing?

Clients For Life – Delivering Extraordinary Value

  1. Do You Have Multiple Documented Referral Programs, working?
  2. Do You Have a Documented Honoured Guest Greeting Procedure (live and phone)
  3. Do You Have a Show Them We Care Process in Place?
  4. Do You Have a Wow Experience Process in Place?

Cash Consciousness – Show Me The Money

  1. Do You Have a Documented Exit Strategy in Place?
  2. Is Your Salary Equal or Greater Than the Market Value?
  3. Do You Have At Least Six Months of Working Capital in Readily Accessible Funds?
  4. Do You Have a Structured Capital Investment Process?

Stress Free Vacations – Turn Keying Your Business

  1. Have You Created a Full Blueprint of All Your Systems and Processes?
  2. Does Your New Hire Training Process Use Your Systems?
  3. Do You Track 6-10 Critical Success Factors?
  4. Do You Have a System for Creating a Process That Currently Doesn’t Exist for You?

Regular People, Spectacular Results

  1. Do You Hire for Core Values rather than Skills?
  2. Do You Have Position Results Descriptions in Place for All Roles?
  3. Do You Have and Use a Regularly Scheduled Process for Evaluating Your People?
  4. Do You Have a Formal Strategic Philanthropy Program or Corporate Responsibility Program in Place?

More Life

  1. Do You Take At Least 104 Privilege Days a Year?
  2. Do You Have at Least Three Ways Your Business Supports The Life You Wish To Lead?
  3. Do You Have a System To Permanently Eliminate Chaos & Frustration?
  4. Do You Have an Effective Personal Executive Assistant?