How We Guarantee Results

We believe it is important for you to thrive and even exceed your expectations when you join your new Get it Together Mastermind.

We have designed every aspect of the Mastermind agenda to ensure you gain the maximum benefit for you and your business, while at the same time providing valuable insight for the benefit of your fellow members. Here are just some of the systems that are built in to each Chapter and are why we are able to guarantee your results.

Results come from a combination of skills, accountability and mentorship. Here's how we deliver that for our Mastermind Members.

#1 – Success Partner in Each Chapter

The role of Success Partners is to inspire, encourage, and support each other.  The Chapter Leader helps each Member select a compatible Success Partner and—if for any reason Success Partners determine they are not a good match for each other—works with the Member to help them find someone in the Chapter that is a better fit. The mutual goal of Success Partners is to help each other stay focused and keep on track.

Each week each Success Partner:

  • Commits at least ½ hour to the problems, challenges, issues, and opportunities of his or her Success Partner, with special focus on the Success Partner’s Business Needs Analysis projects.
  • Is a friend; listens, questions, clarifies, challenges, accounts for progress, and celebrates the wins.
  • Records the week’s activities on The Accountability Friday form and may choose to share the content of the Accountability Friday form with the Success Partner and/or with the Chapter Leader


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a mentor as “a trusted counselor or guide.”  Success Partners advise each other when asked.  They may also guide each other to resources that can help advance their Success Partner’s business or direct the Success Partner to people that specialize in their area of focus. In addition to the weekly meetings between Success Partners, Get it Together recommends that Success Partners evaluate each other’s progress once each quarter to confirm that each is comfortable with the other and to ensure that both are finishing their projects and achieving their goals.

#2 – Chapter Leaders

Top Dog, Colonel, Coach, Brigadier General, Head Chef or whatever else you may want to call them… The Chapter Leader is entirely there to serve each and every Member.  We believe in a concept called “Servant Leadership”. And our Chapter Leaders best personify that belief and approach.

They are the ones whose sole responsibility is to make Members happy with their investment of time and money.  If that means “catching you doing things right” and sharing that with the Chapter or the global network of Chapter Members, so be it. If that means acting like a big brother or big sister and gently kicking your butt when you wander from your own goals, then so be it. They’re committed individuals who care about you and your success in the Chapter, they will always be there to offer a shoulder to lean on for support.

#3 – Our “Rules of the Game”

Every ‘game’ has to have rules of play.  Get it Together Mastermind is a unique game but a game nonetheless.  As such, we’ve devised a set of very cool rules designed to ensure that everyone plays the game with the highest of integrity and intention.

Remember when you were a kid? You’ve probably at one time or another been on a softball team where the kid playing third base was playing with a stick in the dirt and not paying attention?  Well, some ‘adults’ exhibit that same behavior at times and create challenges for those around them and while we try hard to screen those people away from Get it Together Mastermind, sometimes they’ll sneak through.

The Rules of the Game mean that we have the ability to ensure one bad apple doesn’t spoil the barrel. Members and Chapter Leaders will enforce violations of these rules. But most importantly these rules give us all a high standard to play by, so we can achieve our goals quicker, and with much less stress along the way.

How does this work? First, Members get a veto on guests attending a Chapter Meeting, and then second, they must approve all new Members to their Chapter. This real-life “check and balance” helps ensure the long-term compatibility of the Chapter and its Members. And that ultimately will lead to a higher level of member retention and due to the high level of member synergy, Members will reach their goals faster.

#4 – Sharing Your Wins System-Wide

Sharing your wins with others in the Get it Together system is incredibly empowering!  Especially when people that look at what you did, follow your example and report wins themselves.  Imagine the momentum and sense of accomplishment you’ll have when something YOU shared, is used by others to help them achieve their goals! Using a unique crowd-sourcing platform, we’ll be able to encourage Members to share their wins and get kudos for doing so.

One of the best ways to “force yourself” to succeed is to ensure that you and those around you “catch you doing things right”. With this great tool, Members across our network will be able to do this.

#5 – Masterminding

Masterminding achieves several things for you and if you’ve never been exposed to it, imagine the collective brain-trust that resides in up to twenty-four business people.  It exponentially accelerates your time to results.  It gives you the opportunity to go way beyond ‘Goal Setting’ to Goal Getting!  You’ll also have an instant valuable support network that has your best interests at the heart of everything they do.

And it’s why we say we're 'Getting it Together!'  It’s like having an entire Board of Advisors at your beck and call, ready to help you, any time you need it. Imagine how much it would cost you to have 23 other business leaders paid to be on your own Advisory Board. One of the best reasons for Members to invest in a Membership is the leverage of this amazing tool on its own. Now, add in the power of live Masterminding and your Advisory Board magnifies their ability to help each Member.

Masterminding takes up the majority of the meeting time, and with good reason.  What happens in a Mastermind session is both dynamic and exciting!  If you and your business happen to be the focus of that particular Mastermind session (we rotate every Member through this so don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to be in the spotlight), then you’ll have the power of up to 23 other business people (Members) who are zeroed in on solving your particular challenge that week.  It could be that you are wanting to find more customers, or maybe you want to hire better people.  Whatever the scenario is, you’ll come out of the session with incredible ideas to solve your challenge.  And participants of this Mastermind session often comment on how they find dozens of ideas for their business when they’re not the spotlight Member as well. But wait, it doesn’t end there because as we all know, a great idea that sits on a shelf does no one any good.

That’s why the ‘next’ part of the Mastermind session is all about EXECUTION of the key strategies and coming up with an actionable plan that will absolutely make a difference!  We cannot stress enough how impactful this will be for your business.  The key is to play full on and remember, even if your business isn’t in the spotlight, those Mastermind sessions can be some of the most powerful for your business.  We encourage you to not take the easy approach of ‘This doesn’t apply to me” but rather ask the question, “How does this apply to me?”  You’ll be amazed and inspired by what you can create by leveraging other people’s business ideas and apply them to your business.

And our third Mastermind session is all about JOINT VENTURES and STRATEGIC ALLIANCES. This includes something called Six Degrees of Separation, and use this session to help Members reach out and make connections with someone in their Dream 100. What’s the Dream 100? It’s the 100 people that if they become raving fans of you and your business, it will have a profound impact on your future. A mix of Key Influencers and high leverage Clients, this is a superb way to get a whole lot more done, with a lot less struggle.

#6 High Trust Leadership and Relationships

We help you Develop High Trust Leadership and Relationships through powerful team building activities designed to help you get to know your Chapter Members better. Each of our semi-monthly Chapter Meetings provide the structure for you to participate and build that trust. The art and science of High Trust Leadership, first coined by Steven M. R. Covey, is a superb strategy designed to create high level, real, deep and meaningful relationships.

#7 Lead Generation Machine

For every one of our Get It Together Mastermind members, we put our expert team of strategists, copywriters, graphic artists, and technicians to work building their very own 100% completely customized, totally done-for-you supercharged Lead Generation Machine that cranks out ideal leads and Clients for them, practically on auto-pilot.