Announcing our live workshops coming to Phoenix and Denver in February and more cities after that.

If you want to earn twice as much with half the stress, join us.

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Join us in Denver for our Earn Twice As Much With Half The Stress Workshop. Click here for details.

Join us in Phoenix for our Earn Twice As Much With Half The Stress Workshop. Click here for details.

Coming soon to Orange County, CA, Red Deer and Edmonton, AB, Dallas, TX, Toronto, ON, Johannesburg, SA, and Amsterdam.

Our Faculty

Tom Matzen

Tom has started some 82 businesses of his own, and has made more mistakes on his own businesses already than most people make in a lifetime. Seven of these to seven figures and beyond. He has made and lost millions, several times over. 

More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred million in sales in dozens of industries.  

As an international best-selling author and seminar presenter he has been able to share his message of business success & failure to more than 100,000 people on four continents.

Jeff Borschowa

Jeff Borschowa is an author, educator, and curator of all things related to business efficiency and technology. Jeff first joined the accounting world in 1991 and has spent the bulk of his career working with and advising small to medium-sized enterprises. Jeff has experience working in all sizes of accounting firms, from sole proprietorship to international firm. The focus in Jeff’s career has been to find new and better ways to integrate innovation and technology to enhance the customer experience and improve efficiency in the accounting process.

Jeff’s journey has been unique in that he has met some very innovative business owners and mentors in his career. Jeff has been very fortunate to be in a position to learn from them, compare their ideas, and to truly choose the best of the best.

Jeff would like nothing more than to free business owners from the stress created by high volume commodity work, allowing them the freedom to pursue work that is rewarding personally and professionally.

Jeff’s overall goal is to reduce the hours worked by business owners and increase overall profitability. In Jeff’s experience, almost every business owner can tell you how much their gross revenue is, but very few know what their actual costs are. Jeff challenges you to learn more about your business so that you can bid on the right kinds of projects and earn what you are worth – your business should be your most valued possession.

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Steve Sipress

Steve is recognized as one of the most-requested, in-demand small business sales and marketing keynote speakers and consultants in the world. He is a successful serial entrepreneur, who has created and built over a dozen successful companies of his own, while helping thousands of other ambitious and aggressive business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and sales professionals all around the world do the same over the past 35+ years.

Steve has delivered over 1,000 presentations for corporations, associations, and business groups worldwide and can speak to large groups as well as conducting entertaining, educational, and interactive workshops and breakout sessions as well! 

He has assembled a team of the world’s top business-building experts as the publisher of Rhino Monthly Magazine, the Rhino Daily Blog and the Rhino Daily Podcast. He has written numerous newsletters and articles on sales and marketing for a wide range of publications, has appeared on radio, television and in international media, and is the best-selling author of over 20 books.

Steve is the behind-the-scenes, go-to marketing advisor for many top business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, experts, and thought-leaders in all 50 states and 26 countries worldwide, in over 165 different industries.

Steve Sipress' website is:

Otis W. McGregor III, CPD, CPC, LTC (R)

Otis’ passion is creating better leaders, he focuses his business on this daily. Otis has spent his career creating better leaders, in the Army Green Berets and businesses large and small. Otis’ passion supports other people to achieve their success. He retired from the Army in 2009 as a Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel following 25 years of service.

Since retiring from the Army, Otis has been the Business Development Director and Manager for several companies ranging in size from very small to very large corporations. He founded LTO Enterprises in 2010, as a consulting firm focused on business development. In 2017, Otis pivoted LTO to create better leaders of high performing teams and performance coaching for business leaders and athletes.

He is CEO & Head Coach of LTO Enterprises and co-host of The Cam & Otis Show podcast and author of Enable Your Team’s Success: Succeed in Life and Business with a Strong Team.

Otis McGregor's website is: