Hi Chapter Hosts, Executives, Team Members, Strategic Partners and Members!!

This page is a handy area in case you forget which “website” is for what, and “where is that log in page?” We won’t be including your personal log in passwords here, of course, but we will have a short description and a link to the main log-in page.

Where Do I Start and What Do I Do?

This is the main hidden page to get you rolling and staying on track:


Calendar of Events:
This is the link to events: http://getittogether.com/meetings-calendar/

Positioning Statement:
This is a short, concise description of what Back Nine is all about.  You can use it in conversations with individuals, groups, etc, where you want to explain the big picture in just a couple sentences.


Referral Partner Center (also known as our Infusionsoft site):
This is where you go to get your personalized links to send prospects to videos, websites, sign-up forms, etc. Assuming you’ve registered and got your username and password, you’ll get all the links you need. We’ll update this frequently as we add more links. This is also where you’ll track results. How many opted in, how many signed up, how many paid, and if applicable, how much referral fees are due to you!!

Website page to log-in to the Referral Partner Center:

Business Golf Resource Center (hosted on Kajabi.com)
This is where we store recordings, presentations, notes, files, seminars, webinars and tons of tools for you to have more prosperity, energy and joy. Hundreds of articles, videos and audio recordings are already here. This includes all the notes from our high-end Quantum Business Golf Seminars and our Double Your Sales Triple Your Golf webinar recordings.

Website page to log-in to the Business Golf Resource Center:

Business Needs Analysis Videos

Once new members complete their Business Needs Analysis (the link for that is: http://getittogether.com/bna/  ) then you will send them the appropriate video. For a full list of videos click here. Note, this hidden page is not to be given out to Members. Click on their video, a new window will open, that link is the one you send to them and their buddy. 🙂


Additional Tools and Resources For Your Information

On our “cool bonus” page, people that visit have the choice of three gifts. When they opt in they are automatically sent the gifts. The links below are the short cut to each link in the video series, in case you want to access them directly at any time.

You can opt in, or send anyone to opt in at http://getittogether.com/coolbonus/#

Earn Twice As Much With Half The Stress Eight Video Series by Tom Matzen

Video One: http://getittogether.com/goals/

Video Two: http://getittogether.com/guarantees/

Video Three: http://getittogether.com/give/

Video Four: http://getittogether.com/testimonials/

Video Five: http://getittogether.com/measure/

Video Six: http://getittogether.com/vacations/

Video Seven: http://getittogether.com/creating/

Video Eight: http://getittogether.com/more_life/


Business Golf Video Series by Allen Bonk







How To Take Five Strokes Off Your Game In Five Days by Scott Hazledine