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Now It's Time To See Which Membership Is Best For You

You're already one big step closer to getting the type of quality help you and your business deserve. On this page you'll see our two Membership Options, On-Line Chapters, and Live Chapters, plus a features comparison with other business networking groups in general.

Once you review them, select the path that you think is the best fit, submit a one month deposit, and we'll get you in the process of applying. If by chance you're not accepted, your deposit will be refunded in full, of course. We're not in the deposit business, we're in the changing lives of entrepreneurs and small business owners business.

Tom Matzen, Sheryl Wolowyk & Allen Bonk, Co-Founders,
Get It Together Masterminds


Plans & Pricing Options

Monthly Investment:

Our On-Line Mastermind starts at $29 a month. Live Chapters are $397 a month.

Get It Together On-Line Monthly
    Choose This Option

    Valid for first month deposit for a month to month membership in our Get It Together On-Line Mastermind. Get's you in the game!

    Get It Together Live
      Choose This Option

      Want to join a live mastermind in your area? This deposit starts the process, and is fully refunded if there is not enough demand in your area at this time.

      How do I know if a Live Chapter is forming in my area?

      When you apply we'll search our database and see if others are interested. We'll also reach out to you to describe the process of launching a Chapter if you wish.

      Simply email us at:  If a Chapter isn’t forming near you then you have an opportunity to join our Get It Together On-Line Mastermind. For more information see our membership comparison chart above.

      How are On-Line Chapters formed?

      The On-Line Mastermind is a global mastermind led by our Founders. They provide many of the benefits of membership that a ‘live membership’ provides but will instead be a virtual experience instead of live.

      What about if I’m new online?

      Then you will love the opportunity to learn a great deal in a very short time.  We’ll help you to make sure you have the right equipment, software and communication accessories to participate in everything we do.  None of these things are expensive and it’s likely that if you own a fairly current computer, you will have most of this anyway.

      Can I apply with Paypal?

      Absolutely! Just email and we'll set it up.

      Can Invite Other Business People I Know?

      You can invite as many guests as you want.  Any single guest is welcome to attend twice in any calendar year.  After seeing the benefits first-hand, they should be serious about joining.

      Are you opening Live Chapters outside of the USA?

      North America is our immediate focus but we are already getting interest from other countries.  Our model will work anywhere.  If you know of anyone abroad that you think might be excited about what we’re doing, please have them reach out to us.  We pay generous referral fees for referrals that turn into Chapters awarded and opened.

      What if I want to Host my own Chapter?

      We would love to talk about that with you.  Simply email, and learn more about hosting your own Chapter.

      What Charities does each Chapter support?

      The individual Chapters decide this themselves.  We encourage Chapters to support local Charities as frankly, they need the most help but also Chapters can have the most impact but supporting an organization in their community. Charities receive a percentage of Member dues, free membership in the Chapter, and each Chapter will run one major fundraiser each year.

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