Portland Workshop Great Success

Congratulations to Tim Jorgens and his great team of executives (Jennie, Kimberly, Lauren and Yvonne) on their successful launch workshop Thursday, February 7th at the Rock Creek Golf and Country Club in Portland, Oregon.

Attendees were treated to our Chairman and Co-Founder Tom Matzen share five ways to have more money, more focus and more time in a four hour sprint of material and masterminding. To see other workshop cities including Orange County, CA and Louisville, KY,  click here.

Look for their first of many Chapters to open soon.

Here’s what a couple of attendees had to say:

“Tom is a very inspirational speaker with a profound message. Anyone who aspires to greatness in the business world needs to hear it. He is funny and yet connects seriously. His entire team is marvellous. I was so impressed. Have fun and learn to play golf. Step right up and learn all about it.” ~ Steve Wiley, Wiley Consulting

“Every minute of every day, life demands certain attentions to detail with to many distractions. Tom is an incredibly intuitive man who can articulate a motive and method in putting life events in prospective and keeping your journey moving forward. He teaches how to filter distractions. He never looks back, but motivates to look forward to your business. Every person needs a mentor, a leader, a workout partner and a vision. I’m glad Tom came into my life in helping me move my business forward without looking back. Jim Rohn once said “Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well”. With that in mind, I appreciate Tom’s leadership and friendship and so will you.” ~ Ron Alexander, Independent Associate, LegalShield

Rock Creek Country Club

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