Presenting Q-School

Give us 90 days and we'll help you
create massive impact in your business,
and put you on the path to more life
in the process!

We're so confident of the value you'll receive, you pay for one month, and we'll give you the other two on us! Your total investment is only $147.

First Benefit: Personalized Business Needs Analysis

Whether you're a start-up, early stage business, or running a flourishing business, this tool will help you identify the highest leverage item to focus on during your first 90 days as a Back Nine Board of Advisors Member. Based on a series of videos and related questions, you'll end up selecting one of 32 business strategies. And then, we'll show you exactly how to execute that strategy with the help of your Chapter mates.

Second Benefit: Access To A Wealth of Knowledge

As a Q-School Member you get access to three high-value content membership sites, as part of your membership.


Created by our Co-Founder Tom Matzen, this site has access to content to help you earn more, leverage time & money, and turn-key your business. A total of thirty-six high value content modules, designed to show you how to be able to take a week off every month for the rest of your life.


Created by our Co-Founder, Allen Bonk, this powerful resource includes all the training to master the art and science of business golf (the fastest way to build high-trust relationships), and includes entire sections on learning how to golf, and how to improve your golf game.


Led by our Co-Founder, Tom Matzen, this site has specific, actionable content that comes from Tom's book on this topic, Earn Twice As Much With Half The Stress. There are eight areas of focus including:

  1. Leadership and Vision
  2. Attraction Marketing (Lead Generation)
  3. Attraction Selling (Lead Conversion)
  4. Clients For Life
  5. Cash Consciousness
  6. Stress Free Vacations
  7. Regular People, Spectacular Results
  8. More Life

Third Benefit: Joining A Mentoring Team

Our local Chapters are so much more than the world's best networking meetings. They become your mentors to help you every step of the way. And you help others. Together you build high-trust relationships, and this allows you to accelerate your results. Oh, and you'll have a ton of fun along the way.

If you're ready to "get out of the stands and into the game"
apply now by clicking on the button to the right...


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