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    Please provide as much information as possible so we can best serve you in finding your Sales Superstar. Please note, we will use this information to craft a job description we will use in conducting your search. We will make sure your search is conducted anonymously to ensure privacy but sometimes when you do something very specific in a small city or town, it may be obvious to local people who you are. No financial data you share with us will be used outside of this process. You will also receive the final versions of our ads and our job descriptions for final approval before your recruiter starts your engagement.
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    First step is to select a time with Allen to have a Strategy Session to ensure this will work for you and your company. This is the link for booking a time: https://calendly.com/allen-2/30min - Once the time is booked, please complete this application. Remember, to qualify for the "take action now" bonuses, you need to complete this within 24 hours of completing the Master Class. Please note, after submitting your application Allen will review it and reach out to you.
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